Stupid Shoujo Mangas

Right now I’m at my sister’s place where nothing ever happens except “Yeah I’m going to read shoujo mangas all night long (therefore by doing so I’ll wake up at noon)!”. So it’s inevitable I guess if I started to eh, do the same thing. So I jumped over and started reading Hirunaka no Ryuusei.

I’m shamelessly proud to say that I’m on team Mamura.

Look at him being adorable postconfession from the girl which I forget–oh right, Chunchun something.

It was a good read. Although I must say the storyline is so so formulaic I now can take a guess that the girl will just end up with the teacher because blah, that’s how it usually goes anyway. Girl fell for guy 1, things happen, girl gets heartbroken, guy 2 comes up, girl starts seeing guy 2, but somehow still has feelings for guy 1, blabla in the end girl just want to be with guy 1. Mamura is the poor guy 2 in this manga. But the plot of Hirunaka no Ryuusei alone (or Mamura) was not the reason I write this.

Post-Hirunaka, I went, for entertainment purpose, over to Ao Haru Ride. Now this is where it starts to bug me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also shamelessly proud to say “I sympathize Kou” (the subtlest way to say OMG KOU!!!), but there’s a few things about this manga that meh.

Why is that female characters in most shoujo mangas are portrayed in such way that I see them as, IDK, crybaby weaklings? I care for nothing but guys? This girl in Ao Haru Ride, for example, at first I thought she’s not that typical, the background story for her is quite interesting, but then she develops into this typical-girl-in-shoujo-mangas. The more I read it the more I think most shoujo mangas are revolved around that patriarchy’s throne. It’s like it was practically invented from it; shoujo mangas were actually invented to ensure the patriarchy’s glory in the most subtlest way. Lol what am I saying I feel like preaching.

The devil is in the detail. There were panels that said things about girls sould be this girls should be that. It’s usually just some casual remarks, some was intended to be romantic, and you wouldn’t actually mind them because “lol that is a comic I’m reading, why should I take it seriously.” But I think it’s actually those things that unconsciously shape your viewpoint. I think that it’s because you’ve been reading the same thing that has the same casual remarks about girls (that you didn’t mind but actually makes it to your brain and just stays there) that makes you so dense and oblivious toward, say, feminism issues. Or just shapes your viewpoint that girls should be this and that, or that guys should be this and that.

So hard to have popular shoujo mangas that doesn’t feature main female character that is, eh, yeah whatever. I think that’s why I fell for Shizuku from Tonari no Kaibutsukun in an instant. She’s rad. She has less the features that usually makes me mutter “Stupid shoujo mangas” while reading it. Although the story went downhill somewhere.

And the ultimate reason why I type this, is because that girl in Strobe Edge is damn painfully annoying.

Look at that stupid expression. Gah. She would easily make the “kya-kya girl” type (a term coined by my friend).

Wow new chapter of Ao Haru Ride is out. What a timing. I should check it out.

(End of note: Yes, I’m still going to read those stupid shoujo mangas, ironically. I need entertainment, and they provide quite plenty of it (I love the way my feelings get ripped apart by reading them), although in some sort of stupid, annoying packaging. The good thing is, I’m capable of not being so gullible. I can spot things that I’d normally criticize, but oh well, I can just ignore them once in a while.

For entertainment.